Mother Nature’s Answer & Writing Prompt!

Reblogged! Love it!

Rose J. Fairchild

So I created a fantasy-fied not-quite-poem, not-quite-story version of this coronavirus situation as a challenge to my library peeps. I challenged them to find something positive in this situation since there is so much negative right now, and create a poem, short story, or-in the case of small children-a drawing highlighting something you have found a new love for, or that has been awakened in your life by this situation. I asked them to post their responses in order to share it and perhaps inspire someone else into appreciating something they might not have noticed.

I also challenge you, my WordPress Spriggans and Sprites, to create a story, poem, or piece of art of your own to express something positive that you have found, discovered, or rediscovered to love in this situation. Please share it below and I will share it on my blog for others to enjoy and hopefully…

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