About Redbird’s Storytime

Do you like adventure stories? If so you have found the right place! Redbird’s Storytime is a mix of children (ages 4-8), middle grade (8-12), and young adult (12-18) stories of adventure that have humans, all kinds of fantasy creatures, and talking animals.

On this blog, I, Redbird, will show you bits and pieces of the various worlds I have built or am building and the characters that live in them, along with teasers and snippets of the stories as I am writing them.


I have been writing off and on since I was 12 years old and I love bringing excitement and fun to my readers. I grew up a Navy brat so I moved around a lot. Not being able to make (and keep) a lot of friends, I read and read and then started writing. My favorite genres to read are Steampunk, Fantasy (of varying types), Horror, and Psychological Thriller.  I had stopped writing for a very long time (mostly due to life), and my husband, while we were still dating, convinced me to start writing again and I am now a proud published author! My first two books are children’s adventure books from my Woodland Adventures series. I am currently working on a young adult Steampunk adventure called Escape from Serenity’s Edge – A Clockwork Rebels Adventure as well as editing a young adult Fantasy novel called A Royal’s Undoing. I am hoping to have both of these full length novels out by January 2020.

My books are (or will be) published under my actual name, Cynthia/Cyndi Pilcher, but I go by Redbird pretty much everywhere else. I am called Redbird for a couple reasons: 1) it is a character of my husband’s from a very long time ago that he let me role play on a couple of forums and 2) I absolutely love Cardinals. I love birds in general, but Cardinals are in my top 5.

Enjoy the blog and make sure to comment / contact me and let me know what you think!

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