Teaser Tuesday: The Lost Mouse


Let me tell you of the adventure I just had. Orchid and a few of the other faeries keep telling me that adventure is dangerous. I haven’t been wanting to hear it. I am Pattimouse. I was born to see more than just the Grove. I just know it. Still the faeries are careful to keep us critters safe. They take great care of us. So I had to be sneaky. I decided to travel with the rangers. Birch has a bad habit of leaving his bag in the Tipsy Butterfly, so I decided to go for a ride.

Those rangers carry such big bags, it was easy to squeeze in. I figured I would pop up and be a help to them. Boy was I wrong. When the rangers march, they really move. So every thing in the bag gets mixed up. Including me! I was so dizzy! So much so that the first time he set the bag down, I stumbled out. Well they were laying down for the night and I was so glad to be out of the bag. I decided that I had time to explore. I would be able to return before they woke up. We were on the edge of a beautiful farm. A quiet place and the only sounds were birds and squirrels.

Now normally I have a good sense of direction. I did say I was dizzy? Well I was busy looking around, when I realized that I didn’t remember where the rangers were camped. So I panicked. I started trying to retrace my steps. I spent several hours wandering around looking for the rangers. I tried yelling. Apparently the farm is enchanted to reduce extra noise. I admit that I was scared. Finally, tired and lost, I just sat down on a rock and cried. That is when I heard the chirp of a bird’s voice.


Peering out from a bush where she had been most of the day getting things for her nest, a small bird named Redbird hears the cry of a teeny creature and chirps, “What is wrong little mouse?” She hops out of the bush and gasps as she gets closer.

“Pattimouse!? What are you doing out here all by yourself!!” She hops closer and nudges gently at the crying mouse. “How did you get here?”


Sobbing and probably not as clear as I normally am, I explained about wanting the adventure and wanting to help the rangers. I explained about how bouncy and bumpy it was in Birch’s bag. I told her about how I got lost while the rangers napped. I cried about how I was unable to call and be heard. Normally I try to seem extra brave, but I was pretty darn scared. So in seeing Miss Redbird, I just gave in and told her everything. I wanted to adventure but I didn’t like the being lost, not one little bit.


Redbird flapped her wings, then pointed them towards the sky as a shudder went through her body. Sparkles and fairy dust covered the two of them for a moment and when all was said and done, Redbird was now standing there as her true fairy form. Long dark red locks fell in multiple braids down her back, beautiful flame-kissed wings opened behind her, and a gorgeous gown of dark green covers her three foot tall frame. Her bright green eyes were sad and full of sympathy as she leaned down and scooped Pattimouse up in her arms, hugging her gently.

“Oh you poor thing! You certainly have had quite the adventure haven’t you?!” Redbird cuddled Pattimouse for another moment then held her out, her hands cupped so she wouldn’t drop the tiny mouse, and looked at her a little sternly. “I know you love adventuring but you really should have just told Birch you were tagging along! He would have made sure you didn’t get lost!”

Redbird sighs and shakes her head. “It’s a good thing I was out and about today.  Normally I wouldn’t scold you as you are still in the Grove, but with the way things are right now, you really should not be roaming about on your own.”

She brings Pattimouse to her cheek and nuzzles her, then moves her back a little so she can look down at her. “Well, we best get you back to the Gardens before anyone realizes you are way over here. What do you think?”


Though I was disappointed,  I nodded.  I knew that I  should have told Birch.  I did not want to be lost.  Still I really had hoped for an adventure all my own.  I thought that I was resigned to the idea,  then I heard my self whisper to Redbird.  “Okay, but can we take the long way?  I really wanted to see more of our world.” I couldn’t believe that I had just said that. Hadn’t I just gotten myself lost?  Still, the adventure was a mighty call.


Redbird laughed softly. “Alright Miss Mouse, but no wandering off by yourself!” She was not surprised that Pattimouse wanted to continue her adventures, but Redbird was going to make sure her little furry friend stayed safe.

redbird and pattimouse
Inspiration for Redbird and Pattimouse.

I hope you enjoyed this little teaser.  My partner Pattimouse and I started writing this awhile ago and are hoping to get back to it and finish it this year. We are hoping to release the full story by the end of the year with illustrations! Let me know what you think of this little blip down in the comments!

Creative Blessings,


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