I have neglected my art a lot in the last few months but I am doing my best to get bac into it. So hubby got me a new sketchbook and art book to work on my drawing. So, Grumpy Owl was attempted and this was the result. I hope you like him and will... Continue Reading →

Author Spotlight Cyndi Pilcher


Fae Corps Inc

Today we bring you our own Cyndi Pilcher. A wonderful writer good at telling tales of fantasy for the young and the young at heart.

She writes cute children’s books, and adventure filled young adult stories. Her blog, Redbird’s Storytime is a fun place where she shares updates and stories about her faeries.

She credits her eighth grade teacher Mr. January with her love of writing. She said that she chose to be an Indie author because of the control it grants her. She has quite a lot of experience writing, over 35 years worth! We look forward to reading all of the stories that she has to tell!

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