Excuse the Mess

Just wanted to ask y'all to excuse the mess in the different menus while I slowly update the blog. Thank you for your patience! ~Red~

Intro to Serenity’s Edge and the Cast

Since I haven't posted anything since the announcement of the re-branding, I thought I'd at least give you a peek into the main characters of Escape from Serenity's Edge. Let me give you a small  summary of Serenity's Edge first: Aetherpoint--a bustling city of steam tech and magic--calls to six friends raised in a village... Continue Reading →


Letting everyone know that after some soul searching and discussing some things with my besties and hubby, I am combining my children and YA worlds/stories into one site. Here you will find all information pertaining to The Woodland Adventures stories, Cassari Universe, Vaedrathan, and Illuthias (where my steampunk WIP Escape from Serenity's Edge takes place)!... Continue Reading →

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