This week's Cassari Adventures newsletter has gone out! For those of you that aren't subscribed, here's the link to this week, but make sure to sign up for the coming ones so you don't miss out on the short story I've started! Winter Shenanigans I hope you all enjoy it and make sure to come... Continue Reading →

The mad mouse’s tea party and other announcements.


So… I was wondering…. Are you a subscriber? The newsletter goes out again Friday! If not… Then go here.

Also… Next week I will have a guest blogger as one of my amazing writer friends asked if she could address y’all. Want to read her book? It’s a really awesome read. She has an energy in her writing that is infectious. You can find her book here.

I think that I will be posting her guest spot on Tuesday. Monday I do not know if be posting a blog entry. It is the day I was blessed fifteen years ago with my Angel. If I can get it up and scheduled before Saturday then I will, but if I cannot then it will be missing. This is just a heads up in case I flounder at all of this.

If this first guest goes well I may be seeing if…

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