Book Birthday!

Itcs HEEREEE! The first book – A Royal’s Undoing – of my series The Vaedrathan Chronicles is now available digitally! You can get the ebook here:

As soon as the paperback is available I will post the link!

Thank you to everyone that has supported me through all of this and to those who are new supporters!

Teaser from Escape from Serenity’s Edge

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The kids walk through the quiet town, talking quietly among themselves as they head to the old abandoned mine shaft located behind The Ancient Anvil, Lottie’s dad’s shop. As they are passing by the shop, they hear loud voices so being teenagers of course they have to get closer to try and listen in. 

“You need to continue helping us Oscar.  You know the rules you agreed to when we allowed you to open up your shop.” 

“I don’t care what the rules were back then Reynard. It’s been almost 20 years. Enough is enough. I’m tired of doing work for you especially since my daughter and I are still barely making ends meet! Either you start paying me more or I’m done. You’ve obviously got enough with all that metal and verronium you’ve had coming in lately! I’m just asking for a bit more so I can make sure Lottie gets an education!” 

The teens jump slightly as they hear Oscar throw something down and stare at Lottie wide-eyed and theirs mouths open in shock. Lottie’s eyes are big and as round as saucers, her hands flying to her mouth in shock, just as startled at what they just heard.

“Would you keep your voice down? We don’t need the whole bloody village to hear about this.” 

“Well then you need to pay up if you don’t want everyone knowing about your little secret.”

The kids hear the sound of a table scraping across the wooden floor and then the sound of scuffling and grunting, along with both men cussing. After a couple of minutes, they jump back as a the two men come crashing through the wall, tumbling and throwing punches. The kids scattered, hiding around the sides of the shop so that they weren’t seen. 

Reynard holds Oscar down, his hands pushing Oscar’s shoulders hard into the ground, his face now about two inches from Oscar’s, his voice low and angry, “You do not tell me what to do little man. You signed a contract and you will go along with that contract until I state otherwise. Do not make me come down here again, you will not like what will happen if I do, and neither will your daughter.”

He gets off of Oscar, wipes the dust off of his dark suit, and storms off to his carriage. The kids wait for a few moments, holding their breath until they hear the horses take off down the road in the direction of the elders’ circle of houses. Once they are sure he is gone, and unable to control herself, Lottie and the crew run over to Oscar and help him up, all of them asking him at once if he is okay. 

Lottie holds up her hand for quiet. “Papa!” 

Oscar, still out of it from being tossed around like a ragdoll, lets the kids help him up. He takes a couple of breaths to calm himself and then looks around at all of them.

“What are all of you doing here?” 

“We were passing by and heard shouting. Who is that man, Papa? Why is he threatening you? WHAT is going on?”

Oscar shakes his head and sighs. “I wish you all hadn’t heard that. He didn’t see you did he?”

Lottie and the group shake their heads. “No Papa.”

“Thank goodness. He does not need to know you all heard that. Do not worry about it, please. Stay out of this. I will talk to Nate and the others and this will get sorted out. You six just go do whatever you were going to do tonight and stay out of trouble alright? Please?”

He hugs his daughter to him and kisses the top of her head. She hugs him in return and nods into his chest. 

“Alright Papa. But we are going to talk about this later. I need to know what is going on! I’m not a child anymore and I should know what we are doing for that man.”

Oscar chuckles and pushes her gently backwards. 

“You are just like your mother was at your age. We will discuss things after I talk to the others okay? You just all go on and do your thing. I will be fine tonight.”

Lottie nods again and gives her father a kiss on the cheek. “I will be home tomorrow. I’m staying at Tori’s tonight don’t forget!”

“Yes yes I know. Now get!” 

He laughs softly and watches the kids leave, waving good-bye to them. As soon as they leave, he locks up the shop and heads to Tori’s house to talk to his best friend hoping he will have some advice on this.

Building Eternal Territories

So I am trying to get world building done in my urban fantasy setting. Hopefully I can have the majority of it fleshed out before Nano starts as Edge of Nightmares, my next novel, will be what I will be working on and it would be really helpful to have street names, areas, and people at least mostly worked out LOL

Wish me luck — think I can have most of it done in 3 weeks? And how do you worldbuild?

Til next time ~Redbird~


Today’s topic is discussing the aesthetic of your WIP or even your life or BOTH. I chose to do the aesthetic of my WIP as mine is hard to pin down as I don’t have just one. LOL!

The aesthetic for my current WIP, “I” feel, would be the tribal look to the Sa’aralei (wood elves) and a lot of the Cayheri (dark elves), as well as the Jidon (goblins).

The following pictures I found on Pinterest and are using for inspiration only.

First day of #WIPJoy


Hey all. As you know, I am Cyndi Pilcher aka Redbird and this is my blog. Last month I finally published A Royal’s Undoing — the first book of my Vaedrathan Chronicles. Now that that baby is out in the world, I am currently working on Reclaiming the Royal – Book 2 of The Vaedrathan Chronicles al

ong with a short story for a light faery anthology I am doing with my partner Pattimouse through our publishing company Fae Corps Publishing.

You can find me at:

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E-book can be found here:

Paperback will be available soon and I will make sure to update you!!

Thursday Tea Party

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Today is a coffee day. So much on my mind today, and no where near enough sleep.

Did you see that my bestie has a new book out? You can get it here. I am so proud of her. She worked really hard to get it out.

I applied, and was accepted, for a position with Coffee House Writers. I will be doing a bi-weekly article for them. My anxiety is through the roof. After all what do I write? Especially for the first one. After I get used to it, I don’t think that it will be as bad. The article has to use 5 of their tags… Which are expansive, but I am not one who is used to conformity with tags. I am stuck in a debate whether to write an article, a story, or a poem. It is so much to think on.

Have you preordered

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